We are Proud to Present Quality Products from the Following Manufacturers


Caldera Spas are our mid-priced spa line.

They offer exceptional comfort, performance and style.

Freeflow Spas

Freeflow spas are a very cost effective hot tub for those on a tighter budget.
Freeflow spa shells are constructed in one piece via rotational molding. The plastic material used is highly durable and impact resistant. We have sold hundreds of these spas for use in overnight rental cabins.

South Pacific Spas

The Eco Spa by South Pacific Spas is rotational molded in one piece from polyethylene. All models include a factory installed insulated cover with built on cover lifters, eliminating the need for cover replacement.

Royal Spas

Royal Spas are almost certainly the strongest, best built spa you can buy. Backed by a 40 year shell and base structural warranty and a 5 year 100% parts and labor warranty, these spas will provide many years of dependable service.
Don’t be fooled by other manufacturer’s tubs that just look good with shiny acrylic surfaces, fancy jets and complex control features. Ask to see the underside of their product to examine the tub’s structure. Many tubs have thin wood or plastic for a bottom and some actually have no bottom covering at all. Royal uses a thick rigid fiberglass base that rodents cannot burrow through to take up residence in the warm area under your tub.
The dry weight of a spa is a good indication of its overall build quality. Royal spas are often double the weight of similar sized competitor’s tubs.