Water Treatment

Non-Chlorine Spa Shock (“Oxone®” Monopersulfate Compound)

Non-chlorine spa shock helps rid water of residual soaps, deodorants, natural oils and organic material build-up. It quickly breaks down contaminants such as perspiration, lotion and cosmetic residue. The elimination of this foreign matter helps restore water clarity. If you use bromine, bromide ions are reactivated by using non-chlorine spa shock.


Stain and Scale Inhibitor

Staining and scaling are common problems in spas. Because the water is hot, scale is deposited more rapidly. The circulation of water can cause the erosion of metals from spa equipment which can then stain interior surfaces. A weekly dose of a stain and scale fighter will help control these problems. A sequestering agent should be added to the spa water when filling a spa (for the first time or when draining and re-filling). This will eliminate metals and minerals in your water and extend the life of your spa equipment.


Water Clarifiers (Flocculating Agents)

Some waste particles left in the spa water may be so small they pass right through the filter media, causing cloudy, dull water. A flocculating agent will clump microscopic particles together until they become large enough to get trapped in the filter.

Note: Cloudy water may also be caused by high pH.


Foam Control

Spa water that is polluted with body oils, lotions and soaps, combined with high water temperatures, can cause excessive surface foaming. For an immediate fix, add a defoamer. To eliminate the soap agents, add spa shock to the water.


Spa Fragrances & Moisturizers 

Spa fragrances can be added to spas or whirlpool tubs to mask unwanted chemical odors. These products are specially formulated for jetted tub systems and do not affect water chemistry.

Moisturizers typically include aloe extract and claim to smooth and soften skin while relaxing in a hot tub or bath.