Scale Remover

Calcium scale buildup on spa surfaces is common when tubs are filled with hard water, typically from wells. Muriatic acid can be used to remove calcium from acrylic spas but it must be handled very carefully. We only use it in extreme cases where the buildup is very thick and/or has clogged the jets and plumbing. For surface cleaning we recommend a product called Scale Off.


Spa and Whirlpool Tub Pipe Cleaner

Pipe cleaning products flush through tubing and jets removing biofilms and plumbing buildup. It is a good idea to perform a deep clean of your spa at least once a year. Indoor jetted tubs should be cleaned more often.

Tip: A non sudsing dishwasher detergent such as Cascade® is also an effective cleaner.


Tile & Vinyl Cleaner

This is a professional strength cleaner for removing oily film, scale and soiling from tile and vinyl surfaces. It is especially effective on swimming pool tiles above the water line.


Iron and Copper Stains

Products containing ascorbic acid are very effective in removing iron and copper stains from pools and spas. A metal sequestering agent should be added to the water after treating to hold the removed metals in suspension so they don’t reattach to the treated surfaces.

Tip: For small stains, try crushing chewable vitamin C tablets in a sock then place them directly on the stain. Brush as needed.


Vinyl & Acrylic Protectant 

A number of products are available to shine and provide UV protection to acrylic, vinyl, fiberglass and plastic surfaces. Many “experts” advise against using ArmorAll on spa covers, claiming it prematurely dries out the cover material leading to cracking. Never use automotive waxes on spa surfaces.

Caution: Acrylic waxes and conditioners will make spa surfaces extremely slippery.